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The journal of the International Society of Microbiota (JISM) is a peer-reviewed, online open access journal dedicated to cover a variety of new strategies and innovations as well as clinical applications derived from Microbiota studies. The JISM is an official organ of the International Society of Microbiota that promote yearly microbiota by gathering outstanding academic, industrial and medicinal researchers during well-known international congresses.

A large body of evidence shows that a diverse population of micro-organisms lives in our skin, mouth, nose, lung and gut, where it plays a strategic role in regulating and possibly controlling human health, well-being, metabolism and diseases.  We aim to publish articles that providing an insight on breakthrough discoveries in academic, industrial and clinical medicinal research, thereby lending a strong input to this strategic field.

The JISM is particularly dedicated to the publication of papers from the following topics

  • The Role of Microbiota in Health and Diseases: The Mechanistic Aspects
  • Recent Advances on Microbiota Clinical Researches & Innovations 
  • Microbiota & Biomarkers: From Predictive to Personalized Medicine
  • New Challenges to Prevent and Treat Metabolic Diseases, Cancer, Liver, Kidney, Lung and Inflammation-Related Diseases 
  • Impact of Environment, Food Conservators & Antiobiotics on the quality and biodiversity of microbiota
  • Modulation of the diversity and quality of microbiota
  • Skin Microbiota: Recent advances on its characterization and manipulation in diseased conditions
  • Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: Practical Issues & Regulation

As such the following qualities are essential in any article published by the journal: scientific credibility and rigor, and coherence and clarity in the writing. Contributions must present new findings or new update in the field of Microbiota.

The JISM provides a new platform for all researchers, scientists, practitioner to publish their research work and update the latest research information. JISM publishes research articles as full-length research papers and short reports. In addition, the journal publishes Opinion paper, Letter to the editor and review papers.

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